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Consumer electronics

Design smaller and better looking products

As personal electronics become smaller, thinner and lighter, adhesive materials become the obvious choice for a range of applications within devices, such as joining, sealing, EMI shielding, insulating and heat dissipation.

Consumers demand products designed for both reliability and superior aesthetics. Adhesive materials offer trusted and invisible bonding solutions, for greater freedom in enhancing your product designs.

We hold a wide range of adhesive materials, commonly used in devices such as flat screen TVs, MP3s, audio equipment, gaming devices, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Our consumer electronics applications include:

  • Component attachment e.g. branding badges
  • Acoustically transparent meshes for microphones/speakers
  • Thermal management and shielding in wirelessly transmitting devices
  • PCB manufacture and repair tapes
  • Flex circuit grounding, bonding and connecting
  • LCD screen and silicone keypad attachment and weatherproof sealing
  • Battery pack mounting, insulation and cushioning
  • High airflow venting patches
  • Temporary protection of screens and panels during manufacture and delivery
  • Water contact indicators in portable handheld devices
  • Permanent or removable panel attachment
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