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In vitro diagnostic devices

In vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs) have long played a crucial role in monitoring blood glucose and are increasingly being used in the detection, prevention and monitoring of many more conditions. These have a fundamental role in the management of both chronic and acute conditions.

It is crucial that the components of medical diagnostic devices are trusted, reliable and of the highest quality. We convert high performance, specialist materials for components in clinical laboratory testing, near patient and self-testing diagnostic devices.

We source from and have unique relationships with world leading manufacturers of the latest high performance diagnostics materials. These include materials for the testing of fluids such as hydrophilic films for fluid transportation, bioassay compatible cover tapes for fluid sealing, absorbent materials for storage and filtration materials for fluid separation.

We utilise the latest technologies for the intricate cutting that is required to create capillary channels in spacer tapes, which are then over laminated with lidding films and assembled to exceptionally tight tolerances. We can perform the assembly process in-house or supply automated equipment for the extremely accurate placement of die-cut components.

Our experienced team can advise on the most suitable materials and adhesives for your exact specification. We can supply trial rolls, supporting design and trial volumes, allowing medical product designers to test and change designs without excessive costs or delays.

We have class 7 clean room manufacturing facilities and a number of quality accreditations. Our customers are confident in our commitment to producing quality medical products.

Diagnostics materials include:

  • Double coated tapes
  • Single coated tapes
  • Speciality films
  • Silicone tapes
  • Optically clear tapes and adhesives
  • Filtration materials

Our diagnostic applications include:

  • Patient self-testing kits e.g. for blood glucose monitoring
  • Laboratory test kits
  • Sealing cover tapes for biological assays and microplates
  • Diagnostic spacers
  • Lab-on-a-chip constructions
  • Lateral flow test strips
  • Fluid filtration and separation
  • Monitoring device assembly
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