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Personal safety

A range of solutions for the manufacture of personal safety equipment

Personal safety equipment is used in varied external and internal environments. Our wide range of bonding and sealing materials ensure that whatever environments your product is subject to, our adhesive components will protect them from moisture ingress and contaminants such as dust, dirt and debris.

Many safety products emit signals that will require an effective EMI/RFI shielding solution. We offer a wide range of EMI shielding materials, including tapes, foams, fingerstock and panels.

Our personal safety applications include:

  • Cushioning and dust protection of personal radio equipment
  • Shielding and insulation of batteries in personal locator beacons
  • EPIRB high retro reflectivity components to aid search and rescue (SOLAS) on man-over-board products
  • High performance lens bonding of self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Bonding and sealing of displays and housings of construction safety devices
Double sided foam tapes
EMI/RFI shielding tapes
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