Thermal management – a hot topic!

  • High performance cooling of electronics

    High performance cooling of electronics

    At a time when electronic devices are becoming smaller and more powerful, the challenge for electronics designers to choose a cost-effective solution for thermal management is becoming more difficult, but increasingly vital.

    Indeed, research into thermal management materials and techniques has soared in recent years as manufacturers seek to squeeze components into more compact spaces, for a growing number of portable devices used in all environments.

    Parafix Tapes & Conversions Ltd are ideally placed to support designers in material selection and part design, and as a 3M preferred converter and Laird Technologies distribution partner, has access to some of the most sophisticated thermal materials around.

    The wide range of products designed to address thermal management issues include gap pads and putties, phase change thermal interface materials, thermally conductive grease, insulator materials and tapes.

    Recent additions to the range include the Tgard™ TNC-4, a lightweight, heat curable thermally conductive insulator which can be used to permanently bond IC or other electronic packages to heatsinks without the need for mechanical fastening.

    Also now available is the Tflex™ SF200, this is a silicone free thermal interface material with an extremely low contact resistance for effective heat transfer. Naturally tacky, it negates the need for adhesive which can inhibit performance, and its superior compliance and wetting properties make it an effective solution for traditional silicone applications.

    Parafix further engineers these products for its customers in the electronic, automotive, defence and medical device markets with not only its advanced custom die-cutting capability, but also the ability to automate the application of components using pick and place for total applied cost economy.