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Medical device assembly

High performance tapes for medical device assembly

Using adhesive tapes for medical device assembly offers a number of benefits over traditional fixing methods; they are lightweight, bond invisibly and offer additional functions such as thermal management, venting and electrical insulation. Medical devices are increasingly designed to be smaller and more portable. The thin, yet high performance characteristics of adhesive tapes make them the perfect component in your product design.

We can advise on the most suitable materials and adhesives for your exact specification and, with access to a vast array of materials, we can create a bespoke material construction to meet your specific requirements. We can supply trial samples, supporting design and trial volumes, allowing medical product designers to test and change designs without excessive costs or delays. Our experienced engineers can advise on assembly processes; from hand assembly to fully automated pick and place systems.

We have class 7 clean room manufacturing facilities and a range of quality accreditations. Our customers are confident in our commitment to producing quality medical products.

Medical device assembly materials include:

  • Double coated tapes
  • Single coated tapes
  • Medical grade foam
  • Speciality films
  • Nonwoven and woven tapes
  • Silicone tapes
  • Reclosable fasteners
  • Optically clear tapes and adhesives
  • Cushioning bumpons
  • Protective films

Our device assembly applications include:

  • Medical instrument back lighting for control panels, keypads and displays
  • Gasketing and sealing in medical devices
  • General device assembly
  • Automated labelling
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Sealing medical device LCD screens
Double sided assembly tapes
Medical grade tapes
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