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Industrial tape

Strong and resilient industrial tape for a range of applications

We offer a wide range of industrial tapes which meet the varied needs and applications in this market. These include products for assembly, attachment, protection, masking, venting and sealing. They offer characteristics such as resistance to chemicals, UV, very high or low temperatures and excellent attachment to plastics, metals and most substrates.

With over 45 years of adhesive tape experience, we can specify the optimum materials for your unique applications and provide bespoke adhesive components for enhanced quality and cost effective manufacturing. We can also combine materials from our range of suppliers for a bespoke adhesive solution, suited to your exact needs.

Our industrial tapes include:

  • VHB™ bonding materials
  • Venting products
  • Masking tapes
  • Thermally conductive materials
  • Cushioning bumpons
  • EMI/RFI shielding products
  • Long and short-term protection films
  • Foams and rubbers
  • Electrical insulation tapes
  • Speciality single coated tapes
  • Reclosable fasteners
Double sided bonding
Foam and rubber materials
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Bonding and sealing for industrial applications

Many of our industrial applications are for strong and reliable attachment of a variety of substrates. Below we list just some of our industrial bonding applications:

  • Very high performance adhesives for structural assemblies
  • Assembly of similar and dissimilar plastics
  • Replacing of mechanical fasteners in fabricated metal products
  • Assembly of skins and stiffeners for internal and external signs
  • Assembly of machinery and equipment
  • Plate mounting in flexographic printing
  • Battery sealing, bonding and door attachment
  • Point of sale repositionable materials
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Vibration damping and cushioning for industrial applications

Our wide range of tapes and foams provide solutions for many sound and vibration damping challenges; they can effectively cushion and absorb impact throughout your product’s lifespan. Below are just some of our industrial damping and cushioning applications:

  • Foam spacers for glass manufacturing and processing
  • Cushioning pads within cash drawers
  • Speaker cushioning gaskets in elevator emergency telephone systems
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Shielding for industrial applications

Radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI), and Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) are a critical problem in the design and manufacture of wirelessly transmitting electronic equipment. We offer a wide range of versatile products from Laird for industrial EMI and RFI sheilding applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • Shielding of machinery and equipment
  • Fabric-over-foam for sheet metal fabrications
  • Fingerstock shielding in lasers
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Protection and masking for industrial applications

Our range of protection tapes offers long or short term protection from potential scratching, marring, chipping, UV damage and dirt during manufacture, packing, storage, shipping and installation of your products. Our masking tapes offer both general purpose and high performance masking for a range of industrial applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • Long-term protection of pipes from corrosion
  • Custom shapes for masking and protection in paint processing
  • Protection of machinery and equipment
  • Low tack protection of plastic moulded parts
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Electrical insulation for industrial applications

A good balance of electrical and mechanical properties, combined with good handling characteristics, is essential in the selection of electrical tapes; we offer a broad range of electrical tapes for a range of industrial insulation applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • Insulation of PCBs within EPoS systems
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Thermal management for industrial applications

Today’s powerful electronics equipment requires an effective heat management solution. We offer a variety of heat transfer solutions for a range of industrial thermal management applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • Thermal pads for LEDs, PCBs and sensors within illuminated signage
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Venting for industrial applications

Our venting materials provide a vital role in the management of temperature, humidity, gases and pressure, and the prevention of liquid, dust and chemical contamination. Below are just some of our industrial applications requiring reliable venting solutions:

  • Charcoal filter components in waste containers
  • Sealing and venting components in outdoor signage
  • Venting of electronics in outdoor heavy duty equipment
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