Our key markets

Our adhesive components are used in a wide range of industries, to satisfy a number of attachment challenges. We have been creating bespoke adhesive tape solutions for over 40 years so, whatever your application, it’s likely we’ve already solved your bonding challenges.

Below we discuss our key markets and common applications in more detail.

  • Healthcare
    We work with customers from design conception through to final production to provide quality medical grade solutions into a variety of healthcare markets...
  • Electronics
    We supply quality components into a variety of electronics markets...
  • Industrial
    Strong and resilient materials for a range of industrial applications...
  • Life safety
    Life safety
    Trusted adhesive solutions for safety critical applications...
  • Automotive
    Working with AOEMs and tiered suppliers, we provide quality components into the automotive market...
  • Military and defence
    Military and defence
    Trusted solutions for safety critical applications...
  • Aerospace
    High performance adhesive solutions for a variety of aerospace applications...
  • Renewable energy
    Renewable energy
    Adhesive solutions for products subject to harsh environmental conditions…
  • Lighting
    Superior materials enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your lighting products...
  • Building interiors
    Building interiors
    Performance materials for reliable bonding and enhanced aesthetics...