Our Culture

  • How we operate

    As a supplier, we are committed to providing our customers with the optimum solution to their individual challenges. We have an unfaltering determination and ‘can do’ attitude to solving these problems, no matter how testing they may be.

    In everything we do, quality is a top priority and we recognise that continually improving is key to our success. We have an ethical and honest approach, with the aim of developing long-term relationships with our customers, who we like to view as partners.

    As an employer Parafix has a genuine family feel about it, despite continued growth and change. Some of our core values ensure that we continue to retain a caring approach, for example to treat people fairly, to listen and to provide an enjoyable place to work.

    As a member of our local communities we recognise the importance of creating a positive impact both on its members and on the natural environment.

    How we operate