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Mil Spec Tape for Military and Defence Applications

Mil spec tapes to satisfy safety critical needs

Our wide range of specialist products offer solutions and satisfy safety critical needs for defence applications such as weight reduction and performing in harsh environments. Materials requiring standard or manufacturers’ C of C are available, as well as materials carrying the necessary NATO, Government, Military and Defence standard specification information.

We have access to a wide range of adhesive materials, with a range of characteristics such as low outgassing, flame resistance, self-extinguishing and shock resistance. We can combine materials from any of our suppliers to create a unique material construction for your specific requirements. We also offer rapid prototyping, clean room facilities and high QA levels to satisfy most requirements.

Mil spec tapes for the military and defence market include:

  • High performance bonding materials
  • Shielding materials
  • Venting materials
  • Cushioning/damping foams and rubbers
  • Thermal management materials
  • Insulation tapes and films
  • Protection films
  • Speciality single sided films and foils
  • Structural liquid adhesives
  • Masking tapes
Double sided tapes
Foam and rubber materials
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Bonding and sealing for military and defence applications

Military and defence applications require high performance materials for demanding applications. We offer solutions for a wide range of military and defence bonding and sealing applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • High performance bonding, sealing and shielding of display windows
  • Silicone keypad sealing and bonding in handheld devices
  • LCD foam sealing gaskets for sonar equipment
  • Battery pack mounting
  • Sealing and strengthening of flares and expendable countermeasures (foil wrapping of flare pellet)
  • Bond and seal lens area of respiratory protection mask
  • Bonding of PCBs in communication products
  • Bonding LEDs in submarines
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Vibration dampening and cushioning for military and defence applications

Our wide range of tapes and foams provide solutions for many sound and vibration damping challenges; they can effectively cushion and absorb impact throughout your product’s lifespan, even in the harshest conditions. Below are just some of our military and defence damping and cushioning applications:

  • Shock proofing and ruggedising laptops and tablets
  • Vibration and sound dampening in automatic test equipment
  • Battery pack cushioning
  • Impact cushioning for protective clothing and headwear
  • Cushioning within sonar systems
  • LCD cushioning and sealing
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Shielding for military and defence applications

Radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI), and Radio Frequency Interface (RFI) are a critical problem in the design and manufacture of wirelessly transmitting electronic equipment. We offer a wide range of versatile products from Laird for military and defence EMI and RFI sheilding applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • EMI/RFI shielding of communications equipment
  • Shielding of electronic signal noise in military vehicles
  • Shielding within precision guided munitions
  • Shielding within antenna systems
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Protection and masking for military and defence applications

Our range of protection tapes offer long or short term protection from potential scratching, marring, chipping, UV damage and dirt during manufacture, packing, storage, shipping and installation of your products. Our masking tapes offer both general purpose and high performance masking for a range of military and defence applications, including the paint masking of ruggedised laptops, notebooks and tablets.

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Electrical insulation for military and defence applications

A good balance of electrical and mechanical properties, combined with good handling characteristics, is essential in the selection of electrical tapes; we offer a broad range of electrical tapes for a range of military and defence insulation applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • Insulation of illuminated panels
  • Battery pack insulation
  • Insulation within connectors
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Thermal management for military and defence applications

Today’s powerful electronics equipment requires an effective heat management solution. We offer a variety of heat transfer solutions for a range of military and defence thermal management applications, some of which can be seen below:

  • Thermal management of portable battery packs and wirelessly transmitting devices
  • Thermal management of power management and monitoring equipment
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Venting for military and defence applications

Our venting materials provide a vital role in the management of temperature, humidity, gases and pressure, and the prevention of liquid, dust and chemical contamination. Below are just some of our military and defence applications requiring reliable venting solutions:

  • Breathable venting patches for antenna systems
  • Acoustically transparent venting mesh in communications and audio equipment
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