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Why Customise Tape?

The benefits of customising your adhesive tape

We’ve outlined the benefits of using adhesive materials as a fixing method, but how do you get a roll of sticky, flexible and sometimes tricky to handle material into your product?

The answer is, to have your tape customised into a convenient, easy to handle component.

Adhesive materials can be customised into countless shapes and sizes, they can be combined with complementary materials for additional functionality and their final presentation can be designed to improve your assembly processes. We can also slit materials to non-standard roll widths and lengths.

The range of benefits include:

  • Flexibility in your product design
  • Rapid and cost effective prototyping
  • Countless shapes and structures can be created
  • Application aids can be created e.g. location holes
  • Improved quality through consistency of components
  • Cost savings from reduced waste
  • Cost savings from reduced assembly times

To achieve these benefits, Parafix offers these capabilities:

  • Expert product and substrate advice
  • Part design, including achieving the most economic yield from your material
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Specialised equipment for custom die-cutting
  • Multi-layer lamination
  • AccuPlace component assembly
  • Support from suppliers
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