Tapes for Life Safety Devices

  • Bonding, sealing, venting, shielding and cooling tapes for life safety devices

    With extensive knowledge and experience of the life safety market, Parafix is perfectly placed to meet the design needs and the stringent quality requirements that these markets command.

    With access to a wide range of industrial and specialist materials, including safety tapes and security films, we can provide solutions and satisfy safety critical needs for many applications within fixed and portable life safety products. This includes detection equipment, alarms, portable and fixed monitoring and measurement equipment and audible and visual evacuation products.

    Adhesive materials are used in these varied applications for their unique ability to perform a number of functions in one component. Adhesive tapes not only bond, they seal, insulate, cushion, shield, dissipate heat and vent. A wide range of characteristics are available; they can be low outgassing, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, breathable and highly reflective.

    Tapes for life safety devices include:

    • Fire, smoke and gas detection
      Fire, smoke and gas detection

      Specialist materials for safety critical applications...

    • Personal safety
      Personal safety

      A range of solutions for the manufacture of personal safety equipment...

    • Emergency and security
      Emergency and security

      A range of solutions for internal and external emergency and security products...