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Tapes for the Renewable Energy Market

Protection, bonding, masking and thermal tapes for the renewable energy market

Parafix supply a range of adhesive tapes for the renewable energy market. These include double coated tapes for fixing of components, single coated tapes and films for masking and long-term protection of exterior and interior parts and products such as thermal management, venting and insulation for electrical components.

Due to our unique supply partnerships with leading manufacturers, we have access to a wide range of specialist materials, including UL certified products. These hmaterials provide long-lasting solutions to the demanding needs of this market, such as the long-term exposure of components to extreme environmental conditions, including UV light, wind, rain, hail, salt spray and debris.

Tapes for the renewable energy market include:

  • High performance bonding tapes
  • Venting materials
  • Thermally conductive materials
  • Dielectric tapes
  • Solar acrylic foam tapes
  • Charge collection and Bus foil tapes
  • Low MVTR and low outgassing tapes
  • High temperature tapes
  • Masking materials
  • Protection and backsheet films
  • Solar energy

    Solar energy

    Speciality materials for the manufacture of solar panels...
  • Wind energy

    Wind energy

    High performance materials to withstand the harshest environments...
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