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For a bespoke material construction

Lamination is the technique of producing multiple layers of material and there are various methods for doing this. Using either heat, pressure or adhesives enable us to create unique products using similar or dissimilar materials. We have the capability to provide multi-laminate formats from a range of industrial laminating equipment, up to widths of 1400mm. We can laminate across the whole web or in selective strips and can then provide the parts in either roll or sheet form.


  • Full or selective (zone) lamination
  • Multi laminate formats
  • Roll or sheet form
  • Choice of materials e.g. foils, foams, fabrics, paper and films
  • Clean room lamination
  • Can be built into production process e.g. slit at the same time
  • Laminate extended liners for quick removal


  • Option to use an adhesive with a proven and trusted track record
  • Ability to combine different manufacturers’ products
  • Increased material options
  • Increased strength
  • Bespoke material make up
  • Stability
  • Appearance
  • Versatility
  • Improved finish
  • Offer different thickness of materials in place of off the shelf standard products.
  • Greater options and flexibility, problem solving
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