What delivery options are available?
What are your delivery costs?
Can I track my order?
Drawings for customised parts
Do I need to provide a drawing?
What format should my drawing be?
Is there any other information I need to provide?
Do you have a minimum order value (MOV)?
What are your lead times?
What are your terms and conditions?
What are your opening hours?
How can I pay for my order?
How do I get a credit account?
What are your credit terms?
How do I choose the right product?
How do I know I'll get a reliable bond?
What is a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)?
What quality accreditation do you hold?
How do you ensure consistent quality?
Do you produce PPAP documents?
What information should I provide?
Do you offer a sample service?
Do you offer a design and prototyping service?
Should I use your company address to send material to?
Do you offer die-cut assembly solutions?
What tolerance can you hold?
What is the life expectancy of a tool?
What are your holding terms?
Who owns the tool?
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