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  • Medical grade film for diagnostic applications

    Medical grade film is used in a range of diagnostic consumables and devices. They are available in a double or single sided construction with an acrylic or silicone medical grade adhesive, hydrophilic or heat seal coating. 

    Utilising our range of converting capabilities, we can customise these materials into intricate die-cut pieces, sheets or roll form. We can also advise on presentations and assembly solutions.

    Medical grade film applications:

    • PCR and Q-PCR assay seals
    • Microplate seals
    • Lid assemblies
    • Well sealing
    • Microfluidic device channel sealing
    • Microfluidic device top tape
  • Search medical grade films

    Browse medical grade films below for more detailed information and product data sheets. If you would like to ask us a question, please contact us.

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    • Adhesive

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    • D/S or S/S

    • Breathable

    • Conformability

    • Fluid resist backing

    • Hypoallergenic

    • Sterilisation method

    • MVTR (gms/m2 /24 hrs)

    • Max width (cm)

    • Max length (m)

    • Stock status

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    Any data provided relates to values typically generated when measuring these materials, and is offered as a guide to material selection. However it is not guaranteed and the user is responsible for evaluating the suitability of a product for the application it is intended for. Some test methods may vary, please refer to data sheet or call for assistance.

  • Medical grade film in action

    Read through our case studies to find relevant, real-life examples of our applications utilising a medical grade film. Browse all case studies to learn more about custom die-cut components and our tape converting capabilities.

    Development & manufacture of biosensor components
  • Customising your adhesive film

    Utilising the latest converting technologies, we can customise your adhesive film to create non-standard roll widths and lengths, or convenient and easy to handle components. Customising your material offers a number of benefits, including cost savings and enhanced product design. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and capabilities to provide a complete solution, from design and prototyping to full production and automated assembly.

    • Die-cutting
      We use a range of die-cutting equipment to create your bespoke adhesive components...
    • Slitting
      The cutting of large rolls of material to non-standard widths and lengths...
    • Laser cutting
      Laser cutting
      For cutting small, complicated geometries or features...
    • Guillotining
      For laminating and sheeting to custom sizes...
    • Laminating
      Laminate materials fully or in selective areas, for a bespoke material construction...
    • Bespoke presentations
      Bespoke presentations
      For an efficient design that aids quick and accurate assembly...
    • X/Y axis plotter
      X/Y axis plotter
      For producing prototypes and small batch runs...
    • Rapid prototyping
      Rapid prototyping
      To test and demonstrate products in the early stages of design...
    • Clean room manufacturing
      Clean room manufacturing
      For a controlled manufacturing environment...
    • Automation solutions
      Automation solutions
      Reduce costs and enhance quality with automated pick and place equipment...
    • R&D
      Assistance in developing the most effective part in form, function and presentation...
    • Computer Aided Design
      Computer Aided Design
      For accurate and optimum component design...
    • Contract converting
      Contract converting
      We can customise your material into bespoke shapes and combine it with complimentary products...
    • Part tolerances
      Part tolerances
      View our part tolerance standard values and talk to us about your requirements
  • Learn more about medical grade film

    To learn more about medical grade adhesive films and their uses, browse through our range of interesting and relevant videos, news and other media.

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    • Parafix FDA registration
      Parafix FDA registration

      Due to the continued growth of our Healthcare market, Parafix are pleased to announce that we are now FDA Registered.FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration and is an agency within the U.S.…

    • Parafix invest in healthcare market
      Parafix invest in healthcare market

      At Parafix we have continued to see steady growth in demand from one of our key markets – healthcare. As a result, we have continually invested in our capabilities and employee numbers to ensure we…

    • 3M medical market solutions
      3M medical market solutions

      Tapes, fasteners and films to improve the design and production of durable and disposable devices.

    • 3M medical OEM product guide
      3M medical OEM product guide

      3M's range of medical grade double sided tapes, transfer tapes, single coated plastic and foam tapes, non-woven and woven medical tapes, diagnostic tapes and films and speciality medical components. 

    • tesa tapes and films for the IVD industry
      tesa tapes and films for the IVD industry

      tesa products especially designed for IVD applications meet highly demanding requirements regarding functionality and processability. Due to the careful selection of raw materials, tesa tapes are distinguished by their excellent ageing stability and compatibility with blood, enzymes, and a broad range of test assays. Products are thoroughly tested to guarantee their reliable and stable properties.

    • Vancive Benehold thin absorbent skin adhesive
      Vancive Benehold thin absorbent skin adhesive

      A new class of skin adhesive technology, TASA, provides the moisture management characteristics of a hydrocolloid in the format of a thin, conformable film.

    • Vancive InteliShield barrier film for ostomy applications
      Vancive InteliShield barrier film for ostomy applications

      The Vancive InteliShield™ Barrier Film for ostomy applications offers a new level of confidence and comfort. Each layer of the film is designed to fulfill a critical purpose — while the antimicrobial inner surface helps control odour, additional layers provide enhanced strength and secure bonding. In addition to being as quiet, soft and discreet as current products, the film provides another important benefit: it's PVC, PVdC and plasticiser-free.

    • Vancive launches a non-silicone repositionable tape
      Vancive launches a non-silicone repositionable tape

      This new Vancive product is gentle, repositionable at use and conformable. Its unique formulation allows for initial removal and repositioning for skin contact applications...

    • 3M 9795R microfluidic diagnostic medical tape – Product spotlight
      3M 9795R microfluidic diagnostic medical tape – Product spotlight

      When medical diagnoses and treatments depend on the accuracy of the lab on a chip, it is critical that the materials used in their construction...

    • Cleanroom Quality Control
      Cleanroom Quality Control

      Our internal testing and schedule frequency exceeds the requirements of ISO 14644-1 Class 7 accreditation. However, we understand some customers...

    • Rotary Laser Arrives to Parafix
      Rotary Laser Arrives to Parafix

      As one of Europe’s leading converters, Parafix is always looking for ways to improve, innovate and modernise. The latest phase of our continuous improvement saw a Rotary Laser machine join our arsenal...

    • Parafix Stands Up to COVID-19
      Parafix Stands Up to COVID-19

      Parafix is helping to fight the pandemic by repurposing some of its production lines to making 25,000 protective face shields per day and various components for ventilators.

    • Automated assembly capabilities
      Automated assembly capabilities

      View a range of automated assembly solutions using AccuPlace automated equipment.  

      Learn more about AccuPlace solutions here

    • Medical tape converting capabilities
      Medical tape converting capabilities

      Learn about our medical tape converting activities for supplying the healthcare market.

      Browse medical grade materials here and learn more about...