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Automotive Adhesive Tape for Electronics

Automotive adhesive tape solutions for vehicle electronics

Today’s vehicles are utilising a growing range of sophisticated electronic devices and systems for the safety, comfort and convenience of the driver. As more controls are shifting from mechanical to electronic the driver is more dependent on the reliability and performance of automotive electronics.

To guarantee the lifelong performance of these products they must be protected from harsh environments and movement, vented for pressure management, they must be insulated, EMI and RFI interference from wirelessly transmitting devices must be shielded, heat must be managed, and components must be joined with a product that can perform in a variety of environments. We offer a range of automotive adhesive tape solutions for a variety of electronics applications. 

Automotive adhesive tape for electronics applications:

  • Airbag assemblies
  • Telematics seals and gaskets
  • Temporary protection of touch screens
  • ELC PCB bonding
  • Heat management in LEDs
  • Sensor gaskets
  • Bonding of in car entertainment and navigation LCD screens
  • Bonding of the engine management system in aluminium housing
  • Electronic enclosure seals and venting
  • Thermal management and shielding of wirelessly transmitting devices
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