Thermally Conductive Insulators

Thermally Conductive Insulators

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  • About thermally conductive insulator materials

    Our range of thermally conductive insulators are designed to solve over heating issues such as lower component efficiency, premature component failures, size limitations and other performance problems for today’s high power electronics.

    The film-based electrical insulator pads are available in a range of thicknesses, colours and tensile strengths to suit a variety of needs.

    The thermally conductive electrical insulator range is designed for the needs of consumer electronics, network infrastructure, automotive and industrial markets, for applications such as audio systems, home appliances, electrical power generators, telecommunications, automotive control units and stamped aluminium heat sinks.

    Thermally conductive insulator characteristics:

    • Standard and custom options are available
    • Resistant to tears and cut-through
    • High dielectric strength
    • UL94 VO rated options available
    • Pads do not dry out, crack or fail when pressed between mating parts, eliminating burrs as a problem
  • Search thermally conductive insulator materials

    Browse through our range of thermally conductive insulator materials below for more detailed information and product data sheets. If you would like to ask us a question about any of these products, simply click on “add to enquiry” and the product details will be waiting for you in a contact form once you’re ready to get in touch. You can also send these details to yourself or a colleague.

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    Any data provided relates to values typically generated when measuring these materials, and is offered as a guide to material selection. However it is not guaranteed and the user is responsible for evaluating the suitability of a product for the application it is intended for. Some test methods may vary, please refer to data sheet or call for assistance.

    Title Adhesive Carrier Colour Dielectric strength (kV/mm) Manufacturer / SOS Max length (m) Max. short temp (˚C) Max width (cm) Shore Hardness (00) Thermal conductivity (W/m-K) Thermal impedance (˚C-cm²/W) Thickness (mm)
    Laird Tgard™ 400 Laird Tgard™ 400 3 None Fiberglass Grey Laird 90 No data 4.59 0.23
  • Thermal management in action

    Read through our case studies to find relevant, real-life examples of the powerful problem solving capabilities of our thermally conductive insulators. Browse all case studies to learn more about custom die-cut components and our tape converting capabilities.

  • Our capabilities

    Utilising the latest converting technologies, we can customise thermally conductive insulators to create non-standard roll widths and lengths, or convenient and easy to handle components. Customising your material offers a number of benefits, including cost savings and enhanced product design. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and capabilities to provide a complete solution, from design and prototyping to full production and automated assembly.

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  • Learn more about thermally conductive insulator materials

    To learn more about our thermally conductive insulators and their uses, browse through our range of interesting and relevant videos, news and other media.

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