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    Medical tape is available with a variety of backing and adhesive types for many healthcare applications. They can be breathable, conformable, waterproof, repositionable, absorbent, hypoallergenic, hydrophilic and dimensionally stable with a gentle or aggressive adhesive for short or long-term bonding. 

    We supply paper, plastic, fabric, silicone, foam and cloth tape from World leading suppliers such as 3M, Vancive and Adhesives Research. As a 3M Preferred Converter, we offer experience and expertise in the specification and converting of their medical grade materials to the highest quality requirements. 

    Stick-to-skin tapes are available for wound care, ostomy, wearable device bonding, device fixation to skin and surgical tape applications. Sophisticated technologies in hypoallergenic tapes, films, speciality coatings and materials are comfortable, conformable and can encourage healing, as well as prevent the ingress of bacteria. 

    In non stick-to-skin applications, we supply venting materials for gas and liquid management, hydrophilic and bioassay compatible tapes for diagnostics and double sided tapes for device assembly, as well as a wide portfolio of materials for medical device shielding, protection, thermal management, sealing and insulating. 

    • Double sided medical tapes
      Double sided medical tapes
      For stick to skin and medical device applications, we have an extensive range of medical grade tapes...
    • Single sided medical tapes
      Single sided medical tapes
      Single sided medical tapes for stick to skin and medical device applications...
    • Medical grade foam
      Medical grade foam
      For gasketing and sealing in medical devices, patient cushioning and fluid management in wound dressings...
    • Silicone tapes
      Silicone tapes
      Gentle, breathable hypoallergenic adhesive for a clean and comfortable wear experience...
    • Medical grade foil
      Medical grade foil
      To learn more about medical grade foil and its uses, browse through our range of interesting and relevant videos, news and other media.
    • Medical grade film
      Medical grade film
      Double and single sided medical grade films...
    • Nonwoven and woven
      Nonwoven and woven
      Provide excellent conformability and breathability for extended wear and high user comfort...
    • Hydrocolloids
      For the protection of wounds and stimulating wound healing...
    • Reclosable fastenings
      Reclosable fastenings
      For applications requiring a removable and repositionable fixing solution...
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