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Wound care tapes

Wound care tapes for protection and healing

We offer a wide range of medical grade tapes that supply both the professional and traditional wound care markets. This includes solutions for both acute (e.g. post operative wounds, abrasions and burns,) and chronic (e.g. infected wounds and ulcers) wound care.

For any wound, it is important that the dressing offers the patient comfort, protection and either encourages or accelerates wound healing. To achieve optimum comfort, medical materials offer a variety of characteristics such as flexibility, conformability and cushioning. To reduce the discomfort of redressing, they offer extended wear time, high absorbency, repositionability and transparency for ongoing visual assessment.

Sophisticated technologies in hypoallergenic tapes, films, speciality coatings and materials are available that offer reliable bacteria protection and water resistance whilst also being breathable; allowing air and moisture to pass freely.

We can advise on the most suitable wound care tapes for your exact specification and supply sample materials and prototype parts, supporting design and trial volumes, allowing medical product designers to test and change designs without excessive costs or delays. 

We have class 7 clean room manufacturing facilities and a range of quality accreditations; our customers are confident in our commitment to producing quality medical products.

Wound care tapes include:

  • Double coated tapes
  • Single coated tapes
  • Medical grade foam
  • Speciality films
  • Hydrocolloids and hydrogels
  • Nonwoven and woven tapes
  • Silicone tapes
  • Filtration materials

Our wound care applications include:

  • Scar healing
  • Wound dressings such as for IV sites, blisters and ulcers
  • Incise films
  • Eye patches
  • Surgical tapes
  • NPWT drapes and adhesives
  • Wound closure systems


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