• Tape guillotining for laminating and sheeting to custom sizes

    The guillotine is a roll fed laminating and sheeting machine. It is also commonly used to apply different adhesive types to non-adhesive substrates and sheet to squares and rectangles, to aid application.

    Industrial guillotining is suitable for reeled materials; including transfer adhesives, single or double coated adhesive materials, VHBs, foams, papers, cloth, foils, plastics and filtration materials.

    Additionally, we can laminate zones of material, not full width, and can apply various application aids, such as split back or overlapped carrier liners, to already adhesive materials while sheeting.

    We have a variety of industrial tape guillotining machinery with a maximum width of 900mm.


    • Sheet to custom lengths
    • Laminates
    • Suitable for material thicknesses from 0.025mm up to around 8mm
    • Tolerances vary, dependant on selected materials and sheet width and length
    • Maximum width of 35.5” (900mm)


    • Allows for the combination of materials tailored to your choice
    • Convert from jumbo rolls of materials to sheets for direct use
    • Convert from jumbo rolls of materials to sheets for further conversion on sheet fed equipment