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Pick and Place Automation Equipment Supplier

Reduce costs and enhance quality with pick and place automation equipment

Pick and place automation equipment offers a proven solution to achieving faster and more cost effective manufacturing. To achieve these benefits, automating the application of your adhesive components can easily be incorporated into your current manufacturing processes.

As an automation equipment supplier, we have the specialist knowledge and experience to advise on the equipment and processes that would best suit your individual requirements. Learn more below or watch our automated assembly video.

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Why automate?

There are a number of reasons for automating the application of your adhesive components:

  • Adhesive components can be tricky to handle and can sometimes distort easily
  • Your assembly process requires bubble free placement 
  • Your assembly process requires placement with a controllable force
  • Your target part is not easily accessible
  • Your assembly requires high accuracy and repeatability
  • You strive for shorter cycle times, a lower scrap rate and better yield

Automation adds value to your processes, making them more streamlined and cost effective, whilst ensuring consistent quality is achieved. We offer a quality solution to your automation needs and use automation technology in our own manufacturing processes. 

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Our solution

We recognise the challenges of handling and applying flexible and sticky adhesive components. We also recognise the challenges of improving your production with automation, such as the need for fast product changes, varied product mixes, unpredictable production numbers and short product life cycles.

This is why we have partnered with AccuPlace, a manufacturer of flexible and reusable pick and place equipment, designed specifically to handle adhesive components.

Since 1997, AccuPlace have provided component placement solutions into a wide range of markets where quality is paramount, such as healthcare, automotive and electronics. They have developed a standard platform that gives you the flexibility you need. Only vacuum chucks and target part nests are customised, allowing easy re-usability of the machine in case of product changes.

With extensive experience in handling adhesive materials and using automated assembly equipment, you can rely on one contact for an entire solution – we understand your challenges and eliminate your concerns by offering innovative, high performance standard equipment.

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The benefits

As an authorised distributor of AccuPlace equipment, we offer you a solution out of one hand. No interface issues or communication problems between material supplier and machine supplier; we are on hand to assist every step of the way.

There are many benefits to using automated equipment:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase manufacturing flexibility
  • Enhance manufacturing quality and meet stringent quality standards
  • Increase throughput without compromising quality or increasing labour costs
  • Maintain your competitive and technological edge
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Equipment features

Automated equipment offers a number of features for ease of use, ease of maintenance and flexibility in manufacturing requirements:

  • High performance, standard equipment
  • 99.99% reliability
  • Trusted, reliable and reusable robust design makes operation easier for all skill levels
  • Product range includes various semi and fully automatic solutions
  • Peels and applies even the most difficult-to-handle or fragile components
  • Handle die-cuts of any shape and materials
  • Precise placement and repeatability to tight tolerances
  • Off the shelf and quickly reconfigurable equipment
  • Clean room options are available
  • Standard platforms guarantee easy operation and maintenance due to simple wiring, custom PCB and easy modular troubleshooting
  • Patented peeling technology for guaranteed placement accuracy up to +/- 0.002″/0.05 mm
  • A wide range of features, options and software parameters for optimal adaptation to your specific requirements
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