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Stick to Skin Wearable Device Tape

Breathable, comfortable and skin friendly stick to skin materials

When designing stick to skin wearable devices, it is important to consider the balance between a weight bearing adhesive that will hold the device and avoiding excessive skin irritation and discomfort to the patient. Clean and gentle removal of the device is also an important consideration in both long and short-term wear. These challenges can be approached with advanced skin friendly materials such as gentle and breathable silicone adhesive products. Optically clear products allow for the application site to be monitored without removing the device and can be used where light sensing is required.

‘2 in 1’ materials which have an aggressive adhesive for bonding to the device on one side and a gentler adhesive for the skin on the other are often ideal for device attachment applications. The skin friendly adhesives available as standard on ‘2 in 1’ tapes range from gentle silicone adhesives to acrylic adhesives with varying adhesion levels to suit most requirements.

We can advise on the most suitable materials and adhesives for your exact specification. We make the ideal partner at every stage of your product life cycle; from R&D design, prototyping and testing, through to full production and automated assembly.

Our converting capabilities allow us to produce parts from simple to very intricate designs and we have access to a vast array of materials, enabling us to offer bespoke material constructions to meet your specific requirements. We can supply trial samples, supporting design and trial volumes, allowing medical product designers to test and change designs without excessive costs or delays.

We have class 7 clean room manufacturing facilities and a range of quality accreditations. Our customers are confident in our commitment to producing quality medical products.

Stick to skin materials include:

  • Double coated tapes
  • Medical grade foam
  • Speciality films
  • Hydrocolloids and hydrogels
  • Silicone tapes
  • Optically clear tapes and adhesives

Our wearable device attachment applications include:

  • Attaching wearable electronics and monitoring systems
  • Diagnostic Sensors
  • ECG electrodes
  • Respiratory devices
  • Sports monitoring devices
  • Skin mounted devices
  • Ostomy bag attachment
Double sided medical tapes
Silicone medical tapes
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