Assembly tape for building interiors

  • Assembly tape for reliable performance and enhanced aesthetics

    Parafix provide assembly tape solutions in a number of applications for this market. These include materials for the manufacture of lighting products, furniture, partition walls, flooring systems, HVAC products and doors and windows.

    These products are subject to continual use and, thus, demand trusted and reliable manufacturing solutions. These can be achieved through the use of performance bonding and protection materials, that can also enhance designs and reduce assembly times. Learn more below or browse product groups.

    Building interior assembly tape applications:

    • High strength bonding tapes
    • Thermal management materials
    • Venting materials
    • Masking tapes
    • EMI/RFI shielding and absorbing materials
    • Protection films
    • High performance foams including Poron™ and Bisco™
    • Electrical insulation tapes
    • Reclosable fasteners
    • Cushioning bumpons
    • HVAC equipment
      HVAC equipment

      Adhesive materials for HVAC applications...

    • Flooring

      Adhesive materials for flooring systems...

    • Room partitioning
      Room partitioning

      Adhesive materials for the manufacture of partitioning...

    • Furniture

      Adhesive materials for the assembly and short-term protection of furniture...

    • Doors and windows
      Doors and windows

      Adhesive materials for the assembly and short-term protection of doors and windows...