Manual Application

  • Tips on applying your adhesive tape manually

    Pressure sensitive adhesive is activated by the pressure from your fingers or roller and does not require solvents, water or heat to activate.

    For optimum performance, first consider the storage conditions of your material and the surface preparation of your substrates.

    Once you’re ready to manually apply your adhesive tape, we recommend you:

    1. Consider the room temperature; higher temperatures can decrease adhesive viscosity, accelerate adhesive flow and improve wetting, all leading to achieving full bond strength quicker.
    2. Do not apply the tape at extreme temperatures as very high temperatures could cause stretching and very low temperatures might reduce the adhesive contact (wetting out).
    3. Remove liners just before use, trying not to touch the exposed adhesive. Liner presentations can be designed to avoid this problem.
    4. Apply pressure to the tape with fingers or a hand roller to accelerate adhesive flow, improve surface wetting and to eliminate trapped air
    5. Remember that adhesion builds with time; whilst adhesive tape bonds can normally be handled immediately, up to 72 hours may be required to reach final adhesion values (depending on the product in question and room temperature).

    For faster application times and improved repeatability, you may wish to consider automated application.

    Tips on applying your adhesive tape manually