LED Lighting Thermal Management and Assembly Tapes

  • High temperature bonding for lighting applications
    Sealing for lighting applications
    Venting for lighting applications
    Thermal management for lighting applications
    Light reflection

    Highly reflective Micro cellular (MCPET) foams and light enhancing films offer a light weight solution for improved energy efficiency in LED or fluorescent light fixtures and signage. These products improve the visual impact of light by balancing blue and red light reflection equally. The result is an increase in light output using less energy and a lighter end product, without the need for additional manufacturing equipment or lighting components. Neon tubes, fluorescent tubes and LED lights can often be reduced by 50%, resulting in lower component costs and energy consumption.

    Light uniformity

    Uniformity tape is a light mixing product that provides a solution to some of the constraints in edge lit LED lighting. The microstructured thin film diffuses light generated by LEDs, reducing dark zones and improving brightness uniformity by inducing lateral light spreading in the plane of the light guide. The benefits of the uniformity tape include a reduction in the number of LEDs used, whilst maintaining the same light output, and the light mixing near source is more evenly distributed.