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Leading Edge Protection Tape for the Wind Energy Market

Bonding, thermal, masking and leading edge protection tape

Adhesive materials are used for a range of internal and external applications in the manufacture of wind energy products. Double sided tapes provide a trusted solution for the permanent fixing, assembly and thermal management of components. Our wide range of speciality single coated films provide reliable, temporary and permanent solutions for masking and leading edge protection. Their advanced formulations can withstand the toughest environments, for example protecting wind blades from sand, salt spray, hail and debris, to maintain their aerodynamics.

Wind energy applications include:

  • Temporary surface protection during outdoor storage and transportation
  • Permanent erosion protection of leading edge wind turbine blades
  • Flexible masking of curved and irregular surfaces
  • Permanent attachment of components e.g. air distributaries
  • Thermal management, insulation venting of electrical components
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