X/Y Axis Plotter

  • For producing prototypes and small batch runs

    The X/Y Axis Plotter is a two directional plotter that can produce a limited number of parts without the need for tooling.

    Particularly suited to thinner materials, the XY plotter works by using a blade (or other tools) fixed into a head to cut material that is held down onto a bed by vacuum. It has a working area of 1230mm x 1800mm and is driven directly from your DXF or DWG CAD files.

    It is used for prototypes and small batch runs and allows flexibility in producing rapid fit for function prototypes. This gives our customers the ability to fine tune part design before committing to hard tooling and offers a quick and easy solution to your prototyping and small batch run requirements.


    • Rapid prototyping
    • Small batch runs
    • Small series die-cuts


    • Reduces development timescales
    • Lowers R&D costs
    • Can use your drawings to drive plotter
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