Adhesive Tape Slitter

Adhesive Tape Slitter

  • Lathe slitting
    Lathe slitting

    Lathe Slitting is the process of taking a log roll of material and spinning it on a mandrel whilst a circular blade cuts the material to a pre-determined width.

    From master rolls, our lathe slitters allow us the flexibility to slit a wide variety of materials at exact width rolls from 0.7mm up to 1400mm. We can achieve very precise cuts and uniform results with finished roll tolerances of up to +/- 0.1mm, depending on the material.

    Customising the size of your tape to your exact requirements can improve efficiency and reduce waste.


    • Bespoke sizing can improve your operation efficiency
    • Bespoke sizing can reduce waste
    Rewind slitting
    Rewind slitting

    Rewind Slitting is the process of unwinding a large master roll through a series of razor, shear or score blades and rewinding the customised width rolls onto pre-slit cores.
    This method allows us to laminate material combinations together at the slitting stage, providing added functionality, and we can also produce short length rolls for convenience or kitting operations.

    The rewind slitter offers high speed slitting and can cut thicker, harder raw materials, of widths up to 1400mm. It can produce numerous rolls at a time and tension control features ensure each roll has accurate, uniform cuts.


    • Customised parts
    • Reduce your production process
    • Reduce your material cost (through buying in bulk)
    Standard sizing
    Standard sizing

    The following are considered standard widths of single and double sided tapes:

    • 6mm
    • 9mm
    • 12mm
    • 15mm
    • 19mm
    • 25mm
    • 38mm
    • 50mm
    • 75mm
    • In 25mm increments up to 300mm
    • In 100mm increments up to full log width

    Should you require a non-standard roll width, we are happy to provide you with a bespoke solution with tight tolerances ensuring your roll is exactly the width you require.


    • More cost effective
    • Faster delivery