Die-Cut Tape

  • Die-cut tape components in your desired shape and size

    With over 45 years’ experience, die-cutting is at the core of our business. We have an extensive range of die-cutting machinery producing bespoke die-cut tape components for a wide range of industries and applications; from simple shapes and sizes to complex material constructions and presentations.

    Our die-cutting equipment ranges from simple flat-bed machinery, to complex multi-stage rotary machines. View these in more detail below.

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  • Rotary die-cutting
    Rotary die-cutting

    Our rotary die-cutters are ideally used for higher production volumes and for more complex shapes and constructions.

    The rotary can have many tools cutting in one pass of the machine, enabling us to cut different materials to dissimilar profiles. It can also laminate various materials together to create a bespoke material construction.


    • Tolerances of up to +/- 0.15mm, depending on the material, shape and machine
    • Can precision die-cut shapes in single or roll format
    • Maximum die cutting width up to 330mm
    • The rotary dies can precision sheet, perforate, kiss-cut, butt-cut and die-cut
    Flat-bed die-cutting
    Flat-bed die-cutting

    A real work horse in our facility, our flat-bed die cutters can accommodate high or low volume manufacture, basic shapes or intricate designs with very large or very tiny profiles.

    The flat-bed typically has lower tooling costs than rotary die-cutting and can be very cost effective for high volume or large size applications. We can also utilise multi-impression tooling for reduced material costs.


    • The flat-bed can precision sheet, laminate, kiss-cut, butt-cut and die-cut
    • Can output in roll form, sheets or single pieces
    • Tolerances of up to +/- 0.15mm
    • Maximum cutting width of 500mm
    • Maximum cutting length of 800mm
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