Computer Aided Design

  • For accurate and optimum component design

    Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer programmes to produce 2D or 3D graphical representations of physical objects. These programmes enable us to perform calculations and analyse component design variants for determining an optimum shape and size for the final output. This minimises the requirement for tooling and physical prototypes at your component design stage.

    CAD allows us to produce high quality designed drawings that can also display technical information such as materials, dimensions, processes and tolerances. CAD is also used in conjunction with our X/Y axis “Harry” plotter or laser to produce rapid prototypes. These facilities allow our in-house design team to create bespoke solutions based on your individual requirements.


    • Ability to amend customer drawings
    • Production of drawings in-house
    • Used with our X/Y Axis Plotter and Laser machinery


    • Product quality
    • Speed
    • Lower product development costs
    • Greater accuracy, reducing errors
    • Easy to re-use design data and best practices
    • Rapid prototyping
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