End Product

  • Design

    Material choice might be influenced by the bonded surface contours, for example, for conformability around irregular angles, highly flexible materials are recommended. For some materials, we may also decide to add stress relief to the converted part such as scores or perforations.

    Manufacturing process

    The way you apply your adhesive component may determine features of the tape’s final presentation. If you apply by hand we can design-in easy application features and if you use automation we can design-in other easy application features such as location holes.

    Other elements include what the part will be subject to after the bond is created e.g. speed in which it will be moved.

    Product’s end use

    This includes aspects such as the lifespan of the product and the market it will enter, for example, a ruggedised electronic device for the military and defence market will require more hard wearing components than a standard device for use in the general consumer market.