Surface Preparation

  • Ensure surfaces are in the right condition for bonding

    Good surface contact is fundamental to adhesive performance. To maximise adhesive contact it must be free of contaminates such as moisture, dust, dirt and grease prior to adhesive attachment.

    To ensure your surfaces are contaminant free, follow our advice on surface preparation below:

    1. Loose or flaking surfaces, e.g. rust, should be removed with abrasive pads prior to surface cleaning. Surface roughness may also improve adhesion. Once the surface(s) have been abraded they will require cleaning with an IPA based cleaner; available in liquid form or as individual wipes.
    2. Surfaces should also be cleaned where no abrasion has taken place, especially where heavy grease or oils are present. Clean both surfaces, with a lint free cloth, and wipe in a single direction to ensure contaminants are completely cleared and not smeared.
    3. Use the recommended cleaning agents to ensure compatibility of the solvent with their substrate.

    Compatible substrates with a low surface energy or porous qualities may need to be primed before tape application. Primer may also improve the durability of bonds to glass.

    Ensure surfaces are in the right condition for bonding