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Laser Cut Tape

Laser cut tape to small, complicated geometries or features

Our lasers work by directing a high powered, highly focused beam of light at a material. The laser will vaporise the material at specific points, pre-determined by a Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing imported directly into the laser.

We have a CO₂ source laser with a galvo head. It uses mirrors for faster cutting speeds and can be set up to operate in two different modes; to work with reel fed or single piece parts. We also have a 400w laser with a 1500mm by 1550mm working area that can cut a wide range of materials, in much bigger sizes.

Developed primarily for our customers in the Biosensor sector, the laser is the perfect tool for cutting small, complicated geometries or features; this enables us to create tolerances and shapes not previously possible with traditional tooling. Additionally, jobs can be tuned to produce production efficiencies e.g. reel fed settings.

We are able to laminate material combinations together, laser cut and strip waste in a single pass on the laser. The laser is also used for rapid prototyping, reducing development costs and lead times.

Laser cutting technology is not suitable for cutting all materials, for example, those with metallic properties and we will not use it to cut those containing any chlorine or fluorine. Our experienced production team are able to identify the best cutting options for your material and production needs.

Features of laser cut tape

  • Perforating
  • Engraving
  • Complete cutting
  • Score lines
  • Kiss cuts
  • Simple or complex designs
  • Multiple layer cutting e.g. kiss cut, cut through and perforations
  • Personalisation
  • Reel fed
  • Single piece parts
  • Drawings imported directly into the laser (your own or produced by us)

Benefits of laser cut tape

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Very high precision cutting
  • No tool costs
  • Suitability for both pre-production samples and production batches
  • Quick to set up
  • Clean process
  • Easy to re-use design data and best practices
Laser cutting case study
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