Adhesive Tapes

Custom slit and die-cut adhesive tapes, foams, films, foils and non-adhesive materials

We offer a wide range of specialist tapes to satisfy the growing range of applications in which adhesive tapes are used. We source adhesive tapes, foams, films, foils and other complementary materials from world leading suppliers for the highest quality and best performing products.

Using the latest in converting technology, we convert these adhesive tapes and non-adhesive materials into custom components and can combine materials from any supplier to create a unique tape construction. View our product videos here and learn about the benefits of customising your material here.

  • Double sided materials
    Double sided materials
    High performance double sided tapes, films, foils and foams...
  • Single sided materials
    Single sided materials
    Single sided tapes, films, foils and foams for a wide range of applications...
  • Medical grade materials
    Medical grade materials
    Sophisticated technologies in hypoallergenic tapes, films, speciality coatings and materials...
  • Foam and rubber materials
    Foam and rubber materials
    Solutions for gasketing, sealing, vibration and sound dampening and energy absorption...
  • Thermal management materials
    Thermal management materials
    High performance thermal management materials for reliable cooling of devices...
  • Electrical insulation materials
    Electrical insulation materials
    We offer a broad range of backings and adhesives to meet a range of industry specifications...
  • EMI and RFI shielding
    EMI and RFI shielding
    Conductive tapes, elastomers and metallised fabric materials and just some of our products for high performance shielding solutions...
  • Venting and Filtration
    Venting and Filtration
    For the management of temperature, humidity, gases and pressure, and the prevention of liquid, dust and chemical contamination...