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  • About conductive elastomers

    Conductive elastomers are commonly used for the shielding of electronic enclosures against electromagnetic interference (EMI). The emi/rfi shielding system usually consists of a conductive gasket sandwiched between a metal housing and lid, the primary function being to provide sufficient electrical conductivity across the enclosure/gasket/lid junction.

    Electrically conductive elastomers are ideal for use in applications that require environment sealing as well as EMI shielding. They provide highly conductive and resilient gasketing material for use in all wirelessly transmitting devices, from standard commercial electronics, to ruggedised military devices.

    Our conductive elastomers are available with or without an adhesive backing and, with access to a wide range of adhesive materials; we can laminate material with an adhesive specified for your unique requirements.

    Conductive elastomer characteristics:

    • Excellent mechanical properties
    • Excellent electromagnetic shielding properties
    • Can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures
    • Available in a wide variety of filler materials
    • Shielding effectiveness up to 120 dB at 10 GHz
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    Browse conductive elastomers below for more detailed information and product data sheets. If the product you require is not listed, please contact us

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    Any data provided relates to values typically generated when measuring these materials, and is offered as a guide to material selection. However it is not guaranteed and the user is responsible for evaluating the suitability of a product for the application it is intended for. Some test methods may vary, please refer to data sheet or call for assistance.

  • EMI/RFI shielding materials in action

    Read through our case studies to find relevant, real-life examples of the powerful problem solving capabilities of conductive elastomers. Browse all case studies to learn more about custom die-cut components and our tape converting capabilities.

  • Customising your conductive elastomer

    Utilising the latest converting technologies, we can customise your conductive elastomer to create convenient and easy to handle components. Customising your material offers a number of benefits, including cost savings and enhanced product design. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and capabilities to provide a complete solution, from design and prototyping to full production and automated assembly.

    • Die-cutting
      We use a range of die-cutting equipment to create your bespoke adhesive components...
    • Slitting
      The cutting of large rolls of material to non-standard widths and lengths...
    • Laser cutting
      Laser cutting
      For cutting small, complicated geometries or features...
    • Guillotining
      For laminating and sheeting to custom sizes...
    • Laminating
      Laminate materials fully or in selective areas, for a bespoke material construction...
    • Bespoke presentations
      Bespoke presentations
      For an efficient design that aids quick and accurate assembly...
    • X/Y axis plotter
      X/Y axis plotter
      For producing prototypes and small batch runs...
    • Rapid prototyping
      Rapid prototyping
      To test and demonstrate products in the early stages of design...
    • Clean room manufacturing
      Clean room manufacturing
      For a controlled manufacturing environment...
    • Automation solutions
      Automation solutions
      Reduce costs and enhance quality with automated pick and place equipment...
    • R&D
      Assistance in developing the most effective part in form, function and presentation...
    • Computer Aided Design
      Computer Aided Design
      For accurate and optimum component design...
    • Contract converting
      Contract converting
      We can customise your material into bespoke shapes and combine it with complimentary products...
    • Part tolerances
      Part tolerances
      View our part tolerance standard values and talk to us about your requirements
  • Learn more about conductive elastomers

    To learn more about electrically conductive elastomers and their uses, browse through our range of interesting and relevant videos, news and other media.

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    • Automated assembly capabilities
      Automated assembly capabilities

      View a range of automated assembly solutions using AccuPlace automated equipment.  

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    • EMI and RFI Shielding Products
      EMI and RFI Shielding Products

      Learn about the EMI and RFI shielding materials available from Parafix.

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