Tape vs. Spot Welds

  • Enhance product design

    Designs can be restricted where spot welds are used as a fixing method, for example weld marks might need to be hidden or may create uneven surfaces.

    Adhesive tapes have revolutionised design options to improve functionality and aesthetics. They offer invisible fastening for a smooth finish and a far cleaner appearance.

    Easily join dissimilar substrates

    Achieving a reliable and long-term attachment can be challenging where joining dissimilar substrates, for example, where there are different coefficients of expansion the fastened site will be exposed to wear and subsequent deterioration in the long-term. When joining dissimilar metals, the joined surfaces will be subject to bimetallic corrosion. Both of these challenges will result in a shortened life-span.

    Replacing your fasteners with adhesive tapes removes these challenges and enhances the life of your product. The flexibility and durability of adhesive materials compensates for any mismatch in coefficients of thermal expansion and they also provide a barrier between different surfaces to reduce or prevent bimetallic corrosion.

    Eliminate concentrated areas of stress

    Where joining with spot welds, concentrated areas of stress are created which can decrease the physical properties of the substrate. This stress can cause distortion, splitting and crazing at the welded site.Spot welding can also cause the material to harden and warp, as well as crack internally and externally, reducing the material’s fatigue strength.

    Bonding tapes eliminate concentrated areas of stress by distributing it evenly over the entire bonded area. Adhesive materials can also bond and dampen simultaneously, reducing damage and noise caused by vibration. As the concern of distortion, splitting and crazing is removed, designs can utilise thinner and lighter materials.

    Reduce manufacturing and assembly times

    Longer manufacturing and assembly times are experienced where joining with welds. Replacing this method with easy to apply die-cut adhesive tape can reduce assembly times as well as material requirements, refinishing and, ultimately, costs. In most cases there is minimal need for training and little or no investment in equipment. Pressure sensitive adhesives can also offer immediate handling strength.