IVD test strips

  • New single solution to test strip manufacturing challenges

    New single solution to test strip manufacturing challenges

    There are many challenges when designing new IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic) devices using pressure sensitive adhesives. Adhesive flowing into the channel can cause changes to the channel geometry and sample volume. The gumming up of cutting blades caused by tacky adhesive can lead to lost time and additional cost of cleaning, and obtaining the exact spacer thickness required often means wasting large quantities of material.

    Parafix and 3M Medical OEM have a single solution to all these challenges. 3M’s inert, non-gumming adhesive technology is now available in a format that allows Parafix to provide spacer in almost any thickness. This flexibility from a single adhesive enables Parafix to support trial, start-up and production volumes, with minimal commitment to material.

    The 20 micron adhesive layer from 3M provides an excellent bond and seal to a variety of substrates, and the non-gumming technology delivers accurate channel geometry.

    Complex multi-layer designs can be provided in trial volumes using Parafix’s rapid prototyping facilities. Designs can be quickly altered allowing scientists, designers and production engineers the flexibility required for new product development. These designs can then be scaled up from development to production cost effectively.

    Finding funding for development is challenging. This support at the early development stage could make all the difference in getting a project through R&D and into production.

    With our extremely accurate cutting and pick and place equipment, Parafix can also provide assembly solutions for mouldings and printed circuit boards, assembled at speed, with tolerances as small as +/- 10 microns.