Ambassador Lindsay Visits Parafix

  • Parafix Hosts Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Hungary, Iain Lindsay OBE

    Parafix Hosts Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Hungary, Iain Lindsay OBE

    HMA Iain Lindsay OBE visited the Hungarian factory of Parafix earlier this month. He discussed recent investments in Parafix Hungaria Kft. with Mike Punter, Parafix Chairman, and David Krasznay, General Manager of Parafix Hungaria.

    Mr Lindsay was very supportive of developments in Parafix Hungaria. Parafix is set to open a new factory in Ercsi, 20 miles south of the capital, Budapest. Supported in part by Government grants, the new factory will house state-of-the-art converting machinery, allowing us to produce intricate parts in large volumes. This factory will serve various sectors, including automotive, electronics and healthcare. Our latest expansions will create jobs for the local community; we have already hired Ercsi locals who are now being trained on the complex processes involved in tape converting at our existing facility in Budapest.

    Parafix Hungaria has enjoyed a solid relationship with the UK diplomatic mission in Hungary over our 20 year tenure in the country, having worked with 3 different ambassadors during this period. It was an immense honour for us to host Mr Lindsay and discuss our plans with him.

    Should you require any further information, please contact us.

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