Apprentice of the Year

  • Congratulations, Laura!

    Laura Darwin, Engineering Project Manager at Parafix, has been named Apprentice of the Year by her training provider Clear Quality. Laura is currently studying for a Level 3 Team Leading qualification and was nominated by her line manager, Tom Mildenhall, and her assessor, Ed Rhodes.

    After taking a break from education, Laura was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn new skills and advance her knowledge. "This course is giving me new skills for mentoring our apprentice and our Process Engineer who has stepped up from his role as an operator." she said.

    Laura’s achievement reflects Parafix’s commitment to apprenticeships and our culture of learning. "Parafix provides a great learning environment and support for our apprentices, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to advance my skills while contributing to the team," she said.

    Tom Mildenhall, Laura's line manager, spoke highly of her performance. "Laura has been an excellent apprentice, taking on new challenges and demonstrating her commitment to the course. She has been able to apply her new skills to her work, and her contributions have been invaluable to our team."

    As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, apprenticeships will play an increasingly important role in ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.

    Congratulations, Laura!
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