AccuPlace APAC

AccuPlace APAC

Overview for AccuPlace APAC

AccuPlace APAC robot assembles any self-adhesive component no larger than 200mm x 200mm or discs with 430mm O.D. It has standard linear driven X-Y axes and optional servo Z and U axes, enabling complex assembly with orientation changes.

An integrated vision system ensures accurate assembly even of parts with high tolerances.

AccuPlace APAC is free-standing.

Application examples:

  • Placing of an insulator onto a fan clip
  • Assembly of medical product adhesive
  • Assembly of adhesive backed dome switch arrays onto a PCB. PCB shows very high tolerance
  • Peeling of an adhesive label before placement

Download: AccuPlace Apac Parafix


AccuPlace APAC

Product features for AccuPlace APAC

Accuracy (mm)


Max. liner width (mm)


Max. component length (mm)


Mounting orientation


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