Pall 3000RC Versapor Membrane

Pall 3000RC Versapor Membrane

Overview for Pall 3000RC Versapor Membrane

Pall Versapor 3000RC is  a hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane. It consists of an acrylic copolymer membrane cast on a nonwoven nylon support, and an environmentally friendly post-treatment. With airflow rates of 60 SLPM (tested on 3.7 sq cm area @ 5 psi), this material has excellent air permeability and broad chemical compatibility.

3000RC Versapor membrane is used in a range of medical, automotive and electronics venting applications where particle, bacterial and viral retention is required. It can be sterilised by Gamma, EtO and Autoclave and is REACH compliant.

It is available in non-standard slit rolls, sheets and can be die-cut into custom shapes.

For more information, please view the 3000RC pdf data sheet or contact us.

Pall 3000RC Versapor Membrane

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