Handheld device LCD gasket

  • Project requirements
    • A die-cut foam gasket for bonding and sealing the display of a handheld device.
    • Part to be adhesive backed, supplied with an easy release liner.
    • Non-adhesive side of foam to be covered with a temporary protection film, to protect the part during the customer’s assembly process, which must not damage the foam when removed.
    • A location aid feature incorporated to aid the customer’s automated assembly process.
    • Parts to be clean and free from contamination.
    • First-off inspection reports and certificates of conformity required for each batch delivery.
    Our solution
    • Poron 4790-92-09039-04-P was specified for the gasket due to its low outgassing and excellent compression set properties. The supported version of this foam was chosen to offer stability to the narrow wall thickness of the part.
    • 3M 9495 double sided tape was specified for its proven performance in bonding to plastics.
    • Pregis 7007AB protection film was specified for placing over the non-adhesive side of the foam gasket.
    • Parafix designed a process for manufacturing this complex part, which began with laminating the adhesive to the Poron. The gasket’s internal features were then kiss cut to the Poron’s liner, followed by removal of this liner, along with the waste.
    • The remaining poron was re-linered to a filmic liner and overlayed with the low tac protection film.
    • In the final stage, the gasket outer profile and tab of the protection film was cut, along with the location feature which was cut into the liner for the customer’s automation equipment to register when picking up the part.
    • Final parts were supplied in roll form, to support the customer’s automated application.
    • Each batch was supplied with the requested QA documentation.
    Key benefits
    • Parafix were able to supply and combine the optimum materials for the application.
    • The manufacturing process was designed to ensure quality and cost requirements were met.
    • Parts were supplied to suit the customer’s automated application process.