Medical silicone tapes

  • The powerful answer to gentle skin adhesion

    The powerful answer to gentle skin adhesion

    In wound care and stick to skin applications, repeated removal of device fixation tapes or dressings may cause skin trauma and discomfort. This can add to both the patient’s distress and to the time and cost of healing.

    Selecting the correct material to stick to skin is always a challenge that requires compromise between the function of the product and the comfort of the patient. Those difficult decisions have now been made a little easier with the launch of 3M Medical OEM’s new breathable medical silicone adhesive tape.

    3M’s silicone adhesive tape provides the solution as it is gentle on the skin whilst still providing good instant adhesion. EtO sterilisation compatible and with good moisture vapour transmission (MVTR), 3M’s soft silicone gel adhesive tapes are breathable, enabling wear time up to seven days. With a patented strong bond to a variety of backings to ensure clean removal, 3M’s silicone adhesive is also catalyst-free, pre-empting future regulation.

    Whilst all patients and healthcare providers would benefit from the superior performance that this silicone adhesive technology offers, it is the fragile skin of the young and elderly that would see the greatest benefits.

    3M Medical OEM offers a range of backings and carriers, each with a variety of applications:

    • Low profile, single coated TPE: with excellent conformability and “feel”, ideal for dressing or plaster backings.
    • Spunlace polyester non-woven: suitable for tube and device fixation or ostomy applications.
    • Double -coated TPE: with the silicone adhesive on one side and an acrylate adhesive suitable for devices, films or fabrics on the other.

    Parafix can supply trial rolls, supporting design and trial volumes with rapid prototype parts, thus allowing medical product designers to test and change designs without excessive costs or delays.  They can work with Parafix’s experienced development team to deliver solutions for both the patient and health provider. Complex, multi-layer assemblies can be constructed using 3M’s silicone adhesive tapes in combination with Parafix’s range of stock medical grade tapes, films, foams, fabrics and liners.