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Tapes for Rugged Devices

Bonding, sealing, shielding, insulation and shock proofing tapes for rugged devices

Ruggedised electronic equipment, used within military settings, requires the same design and manufacture features as general electronics equipment, but to stricter specification. Safety critical military electronics are ruggedised to ensure they function in the most demanding environments and provide consistently reliable performance, with no room for error. They must withstand impact and use in extreme weather conditions, with no loss of performance.

Tapes for rugged devices are used in:

  • High performance bonding, sealing and shielding of display windows
  • Foams and rubbers for shock proofing and ruggedising laptops and tablets
  • Silicone keypad sealing and bonding in handheld devices
  • Vibration and sound dampening for automatic test equipment
  • Thermal management for portable battery packs and wirelessly transmitting devices
  • Electrical conduction in illuminated panels
  • Foam sealing gaskets for sonar equipment
  • Breathable venting patches for antenna systems
  • EMI/RFI shielding of communications equipment
  • Shielding of electronic signal noise in military vehicles
  • Acoustically transparent mesh in communications and audio equipment
  • LCD screen bonding and sealing
  • Silicone keypad bonding for environmental sealing
  • Battery pack mounting, insulation and cushioning
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