Clean room manufacturing

  • For a controlled manufacturing environment

    To meet the increasing demand for controlled production environments, Parafix has its own ISO class 7 clean room; compliant with accreditation BS EN ISO 14644-1.

    The clean room provides an environment where the air quality, temperature and humidity are highly regulated, protecting sensitive equipment and customer materials from contamination of dust and other impurities that can cause damage. The integrity of the clean room is kept through regular attention to cleaning, maintenance and external validation. Employees working in the clean room are provided with suitable clothing and they follow appropriate work procedures at all times.

    Through this rigorous control of the production environment, Parafix can ensure their customers receive products that meet the quality standards they require, especially important within the healthcare, automotive and electronics markets. Materials can be cut, laminated and packaged within this protective environment.


    • Controlled manufacturing environment
    • Controlled packaging environment
    • Contaminant free products
    • Reproducibility of product quality
    • Increased product confidence

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