Helping promote University and business partnerships

  • Raising awareness of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

    Raising awareness of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

    Parafix have again been working with the University of Brighton; this time to help them raise awareness of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme.

    A KTP is a UK-wide scheme run by the Technology Strategy Board to enable businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance. A partnership is formed between a business and an academic institution, where skills and expertise can be accessed to help the business develop. The scheme provides up to two thirds of funding for a recent graduate to work full time for up to two years, with the support of a university specialist.

    To date Parafix has been involved in two KTP projects; the first, a two year KTP in which an Engineering student, Rayan Chehayeb, from the University of Brighton ran a number of projects looking at the efficiency and productivity of our manufacturing processes. Rayan introduced a number of changes that helped eliminate waste and bottle necks, such as a new factory layout using lean Six Sigma tools.

    The second project, a short KTP, ran for 40 weeks and was carried out by Louise Vincent, also a graduate from the University of Brighton. The aim was to produce a five year strategic marketing plan based on projects such as value chain analysis, customer needs analysis, market segmentation and a core competency review.

    Both projects were hugely successful for Parafix and, as such, we are happy to share our experiences of the scheme to help the University of Brighton raise awareness.