Parafix invest in healthcare market

  • State of the art equipment and clean room facilities

    State of the art equipment and clean room facilities

    At Parafix we have continued to see steady growth in demand from one of our key markets – healthcare. As a result, we have continually invested in our capabilities and employee numbers to ensure we can meet this demand and to support the ever more technically challenging needs of our customers.

    One of our existing healthcare customers recently asked us to manufacture a new product in very large quantities. Parafix has the expertise and experience to meet this demand but, due to the large volumes involved, the job required investment in additional state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and expansion of our clean room by 350 sq. ft.

    In our commitment to support our customer’s needs we invested in a new Delta rotary die-cutter, custom designed by Engineers at Delta and Parafix.

    This equipment allows us to create complex multi-layered components under extremely tight tolerances and consistently to the highest quality standards.

    The Delta utilises sophisticated technologies such as an in-line splicing system which offers the advantage of faster manufacturing times due to its semi-automatic splicing set-up. This allows the machine to continue running while the operator splices materials together.

    It is housed in our class 7 clean room for a controlled manufacturing environment.

    To service the contract, Parafix will recruit up to 12 new staff and our factory will introduce a second shift for the first time in the company’s history.

    Commercial Manager Steve Barwick said: “This investment enables us to manufacture these products to a higher standard and more efficiently, which allows the customer to go to market with a better quality product at an attractive price, giving them a market advantage.

    “We now have one of the most advanced manufacturing lines in Europe.

    “We anticipate further growth as this customer will be looking to us to supply more of the products we already provide them with, as well as developing new products.

    “This is a growing market as adhesive tapes are being used more and more in all kinds of products from mobile phones to cars.”