Parafix become Porex Preferred Converter for Europe

  • Enhancing our product range with Porex porous materials

    Enhancing our product range with Porex porous materials

    We are proud to announce our new ‘Preferred Converter’ status with Porex Corporation, a global developer and manufacturer of innovative porous plastic materials.

    Parafix have partnered with Porex to become their Preferred Converter for Europe, to complement the existing network based in America, China and Singapore. Porex materials are used for a range of wicking, diffusion, venting, filtration and thermal management applications, and they have a strong track record of new product development.

    Parafix’s Commercial Manager, Steve Barwick, said of the partnership: “Our customers have come to rely on Parafix for access to a wide range of high performance, high quality products, and I’m delighted to be able to offer them yet more industry leading materials. Porex complements our current portfolio of technology partners and their products are increasingly used in the markets we already serve. I believe these products, coupled with our converting expertise and ability to combine them with other materials will truly give added value to our customers”.

    The Porex Preferred Converter Programme is a formal association with select converters who have demonstrated the knowledge and expertise required to handle and process a wide array of Porex materials.

    Global Business Director for Porex, Gerry DiBattista, said of the partnership: “With over 40 years’ experience, current knowledge of Porex products and state-of-the-art converting equipment, we are confident that we have an excellent partner in Parafix. They have the quality accreditations our end users will expect, and their manufacturing facilities are well located to ensure good support for customers across Europe”

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