Inspiring STEM subjects at 3M’s Innovation Centre

  • Joint visit with the Sir Robert Woodard Academy

    Joint visit with the Sir Robert Woodard Academy

    Last month Parafix organised a visit to 3M’s Innovation Centre at their head office in Bracknell, with 15 students from the Sir Robert Woodard Academy (SRWA).

    The students, from years 10-12, were invited as they had shown an interest in pursuing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) career or were doing very well in STEM subjects. The tour was arranged to offer the students an insight into the work of 3M and what it’s really like to work in a STEM role.

    The visit included an hour or so in the Innovation Centre where 3M showcases their expertise, technologies and solutions, including hands-on demonstrations. This was followed by a tour of the electrical mechanical, biology and chemistry labs and included discussions with 3M employees about what they do, how they got there and what it’s like working for 3M.

    Darren Harman, Assistant Director of Science, from the SRWA commented on the day: “The visit to 3M was a truly unique and immersive opportunity for our students. They got to experience how cutting edge research and development in science can exist in a diverse range of STEM related areas. Their eyes were really opened to the abundance of 3M products in everyday life and they were amazed to realise that they were never more than a few metres away from technology developed and manufactured by 3M. We are looking forward to providing other students with a similar experience and hope that additional opportunities will become available in the near future.”