Attach and Protect Stick to Skin Wearable Microphone

  • Project requirements
    1. The part must be easy to attach
    2. Must provide reliable attachment of microphone to both skin and fabric (without irritating skin)
    3. Part must provide reliable attachment of protection cover to microphone, including in windy, outdoor conditions
    4. Part must not create additional noise interference
    Our solution
    1. To reduce costs to the customer, just one part was designed that would encompass the two requirements of microphone attachment and microphone protection part attachment.
    2. The final design was a double sided disc. One side of the disc attaches to the skin or to fabric and the other side, after attaching the microphone, leaves an exposed adhesive area for attaching the microphone sound protection cover.
    3. Parafix sourced two double sided materials to laminate to either side of a cloth material that was soft enough to prevent the mount from creaking when the microphone is attached.
    4. The ‘stick to skin/fabric’ side of the disc comprised of a medical grade adhesive for safe and secure attachment to skin.
    5. The ‘attach microphone and cover’ side comprised of an industrial grade acrylic adhesive for secure attachment of the microphone and the microphone protection component (fabric or fur disc).
    6. We designed the adhesive disc with a dry tabbed liner for ease of application and removal
    7. We then die-cut the customer’s fabric and fur material into discs for the microphone covers.
    8. The adhesive disc parts were presented as sheets of ten with customer’s own branding on reverse. They were then packaged in sets of 30 pieces at customer’s request.
    Key benefits
    1. We were able to achieve all of the customer’s key requirements
    2. We reduced customer’s costs by meeting the key requirements in just one part
    3. Customer received complete solution of design, manufacture and packaging from one supplier